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World view of modern science has been crucially shaped by the conceptually profound implications of quantum mechanics (QM) that have been uncovered with unrelenting steadiness, throwing up increasingly acute counterintuitive results that are being discovered ever since the advent of QM. Studies on the long-standing foundational problems of QM are not only of fundamental conceptual importance, but such studies which were regarded by many to be primarily ‘metaphysical’ have over the last two decades got intimately connected to experimental physics, as well as to the development of quantum technologies. One of the much-discussed conceptual issues is the quantum correlation originating from the notion of entanglement. Using quantum entanglement as the central resource, extensive investigations have been performed over the last couple of decades which have resulted in the discovery of efficient and secure processes of quantum information transfer and quantum computation. This development has endowed such studies with technological importance, thereby making quantum information theory and quantum communication frontier research areas of contemporary physics.

With the above perspective, National Institute of Technology Patna, India, had arranged an International Conference titled Quantum Foundations 2015” (ICQF15) which was held during 30 November- 04 December 2015 in Patna. Spurred by the success of the ICQF15, we are organizing the 2nd International Conference on “Quantum Foundations 2016” (ICQF16) which will be held during 17-21 October 2016.The proposed conference once again aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discussions on latest results among the leading experts from around the world on foundations and information theoretic applications and the young graduate students. With the aim of advancing our holistic understanding of the field in view of the proliferation of its many sub-branches, the agenda will be based upon, though not limited to thefollowing major topical themes listed below.


  • Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
  • Strong and weak quantum Measurements
  • Error-disturbance trade-off relations
  • Ontological Models
  • Leggett-Garg Inequality and Macrorealism
  • Experimental tests of counterintutive quantum phenomenon
  • Counterfatual quantum communication


Designed By: Ravina and Anurag